Documentaries from 5 Teams of Dedicated Student Filmmakers

California State University: Northridge

The Documentaries

1000 Times No: Students Giving Voice To A Silent Epidemic

1000 Times No: Students Giving Voice To A Silent Epidemic follows a group of college students taking action against the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses by educating and raising awareness. This short documentary helps students understand the risks of the dangerous behavior that alcohol can trigger, the importance of gaining consent before engaging in a sexual experience, and ways to prevent sexual assault from happening.  These students want others to be informed and educated, and they want a campus free of danger and sexual assault. 

Download the free PACT5 Documentaries Guide for guidance on how to use this documentary to provide campus education about sexual assault.

Get Involved PSA

This PSA is targeted toward college students to think about how their intervention can add to the safety of other students.  How it only takes one person that sees something to say something and get involved.
This PSA was produced in spring 2013 semester in CTVA 341 students: Producer Casandra Hodgkinson, Director Thomas Dreyfuss, Writer Shawn Williams, Cinematographer Shaun Ah Ping, Production and Post Production sound Marc Thuscher and Editor Berenice Macias. 

csun team

Behind the Scenes (Coming Soon!)

There is a feeling that a college campus is a safe environment free of violence and danger. But there is a hidden epidemic of sexual violence.  We wanted to show the target audience of 18 – 24 year old college students that there is a way to prevent sexual assaults on campus. Our documentary took us to Chapman University where we met professor Dani Smith, who dedicates her time coordinating C.A.R.E.S (Creating a Rape Free Environment for Students) meetings and events, where students come together to raise awareness on the sexual assault epidemic. Two students, Jasmine and Matt, show how it is possible to be part of the solution.

csun poster and logo

CSUN Poster and Logo

Graphic design students from V1SCOM got on board the Pact5 project by creating a poster and a logo for the documentary. All of the media is being used by CSUN to create awareness of the problem of sexual assaults in college.

Meet the Students

Yong Sun Kim | 26, Director of Photography. Cinema & Television Arts major

The film is important to me because we need to create awareness in putting a stop to sexual assault. In our film we show that there are people out there that care and fight this serious issue. Students who stand up to make a difference.

I want to show people what I see through my eyes in film. I want to be part of a film that will not just move but change people's lives.

Tony Incorvia | 25, Producer/Director. Television Production major.

The films content is important for me to share because sexual assaults are overwhelmingly common on college campuses but are preventable if the awareness is there. The legacy I want to leave behind with this documentary is to raise awareness on a personal topic that is not spoken of enough and is something that will help better my future alumni and people across the country. With my career I aspire to create my own procedural television series and make documentaries that could make a difference the world.

Brenda Carol Salgado | 22, Writer and Associate Producer, Cinema and Television Arts option TV production

Throughout my college career I was involved with CSUN Ambassadors, NSO New student orientation and member of Delta Delta Delta. One of my girlfriends was sexually assaulted two years ago, and kept her silence. This is what has made me passionate about the project and about raising awareness to incoming freshman since it can happen to anyone. I want students to become aware of how important and common this issue is in college and how important it is for students to report it.  Remaining in silence will just keep the issue growing and happening.

Cynthia Lemus | 23, Editor, Cinema and Television Art with option in TV Production, Spanish Language Journalism Minor

As a freshmen girl I didn’t know how important it was to be educated and informed about the issues surrounding sexual assault that can happen in college. I would like freshmen to be informed, know how to be safe, and come to college knowing about this subject. I want freshmen to avoid situations such as sexual assault during their first year.

I want other CSUN students to step up and do something good for the new generations. This documentary will open the door for other CSUN students to participate in projects like this one. My professional goal is to be a sports producer and a sports reporter.

David Choi | 24, Production and Post-Production Sound, TV Production major with an emphasis on sound production and editing.

I want to raise awareness about the problem of sexual assaults in colleges, make a difference, and leave behind a moving and touching documentary that can make a change in one's life.

Paul Paramo | Composer

I am a dedicated and passionate eclectic composer who offers a truly unique stylistic approach to the world of music for film and media productions. I strive to provide my best work while paying attention to detail and the unique nature of every project. I always adopt the passion of each concept and integrate key ingredients to fulfill the clients’ grand vision.

Meet the Professor

Thelma Vickroy | Professor

Thelma Vickroy, a tenured professor and head of the television production option at California State University Northridge Department of Cinema and Television Arts. Her students’ documentaries have won many awards in film festivals and national award competitions. Thelma is a former board member of the International Documentary Association. She is also one of the founders of DOCS ROCK, a high school documentary production curriculum in the Los Angeles School District.

After graduating with a M.F.A. in film and television from New York University, Thelma Vickroy began her career working for documentarian Robert Drew, a founder of direct cinema. She is an experienced award winning producer and director in both documentary and non-fiction television. These works include My Father the President, winner of a Cine Eagle and American Film Festival Blue Ribbon, and An Evening of Forbidden Books, broadcast on PBS. Extraordinarily Ordinary, was an official selection at DocuWeek Theatrical Documentary Showcase (former called DOCtober, the International Documentary Association film festival), Lake Arrowhead Film Festival and qualified for consideration for an Academy Award in the documentary shorts category. The third in a series of portrait-style documentaries, Ahmed, Say Something Funny was an official selection at the Dubai Film Market. The documentary also won Best Documentary and Best Comedy feature at the Action on Film (AOF) Festival 2008.

As a member of PACT5, a five universities collaborative documentary project, Thelma is a principal investigator of a Wyncote Foundation grant to produce and supervise a student created documentary to address the social issues of sexual assault and rape on college campuses. Selected students from her Fall 2012 senior thesis course, Directing the TV Documentary (CTVA 441), produced a 10-minute documentary titled 1000XNo: Students Giving Voice To A Silent Epidemic.

Additionally, Professor Vickroy is a consultant on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Campus Suicide Prevention federal grant received by California State University Northridge. She will again select students from the television option to produce media to be used in awareness and education addressing the social issue of suicide and suicide prevention for college students (Fall 2012-Summer 2015). Thelma has received other funding support for her work from the Research and Creative Activities Grant from the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication at California State University Northridge to support Archive Library of American Documentary Filmmaker (2007/2008) and the documentary Ahmed, Say Something Funny (2006/2007).