Resources that make an ImPACT

PACT5 Activist Strategies

Local Sellers of Alcohol

Students can reach these outlets with by sharing prevention posters, flyers, bracelets, or information about the PACT5 campaign. They can help reinforce that intoxication is not an excuse for sexual assault and share information with the community about survivor options and resources.

Starting or Growing Current Activities On Campus

Most colleges have some student-centered programs in place to put the spotlight on sexual assault and negative behaviors, such as Take Back the Night, the Vagina Monologues, and SlutWalk. Use the media provided by PACT5 to increase education and awareness on your own campus.

PRSSA Chapters (Public Relations Student Society of America)

Over 300 colleges have a chapter of this student-run organization. The chapters consist of public relations students who are always looking for college clients and causes to promote. Visit and click on “Chapters” to find out if your college has a chapter. If it does, share what you know about sexual assault and the PACT5 campaign.

Sororities and Fraternities

Sororities and fraternities can be leaders on campus who model what respect looks like and educate their communities about sexual assault, consent, and bystander intervention. Here is an example of an institution doing just that: Fraternity Sexual Assault Prevention Peer Education Program. They have created a power point that explains the problem and identifies solutions. Finding and talking to the leaders of each fraternity or sorority is the key.